2018 Awards



Millar Cup
Club Sportsperson of the Year
Nev Magee

Catherall Cup
Player of the Year - First Year  Division 1
Hugh Renton

Harvey Batchelor Cup
Most Helpful to Division 1 Team
Megan Williams

Allan Robilliard Cup
Division 1 Player's Player of the Year
Sam Cottam

A.I. Cottrell Cup
Division 2 Back of the Year
Jesse Bryant

Micky Seed Cup
Division 2  Forward of the Year
Matt Brabazon

Club Captain Cup
Women`s   Most Improved Player
Angie Sisifa

Players Player Trophy
Most helpful to Women’s  team
Estelle Uren

Kit Chambers  Cup
Women`s Player of the Year
Charna Thompson

TR Barber Cup
Senior Back of the Year
Henry Benton

Tom Mullan Cup
Senior Forward of the Year
Alex Bower

Colts Premier Back of the Year
Elliott Smith

Carl Palmer Cup
Colts Premier Forward of the Year
Oscar Howat

Fred Forsythe Cup
Colts Red Socks Back of the Year
Grayson Mitchell

Eric Phillips Cup
Colts Red Socks Forward of the Year
Cam Henderson

Keith Torrance Cup
Canardly’s Back of the Year
Mark Edwards

Alby Johnson Cup
Canardly’s Forward of the Year
Isaac Mackle

Ray Whitaker Trophy
Canardly’s Players Player of the Year
Daniel O'Sullivan

Harry Frost Cup
Heroes Forward of the Year
Raymond Wedlake

Bangorian Cup
Heroes Back of the Year
Eugene Harris

Bears Christchurch Trophy
Heroes Most Valuable Player
Daniel Brooks

Rainbow Lifestyle Protection Cup
Heroes Most Improved Player 
Phil Jamieson

Karetai Rusbatch Trophy
Heroes Players Player
Isaac Mackie

O’Loughlin Family Cup
JAB Team of the year
Under 12 Red

Les Donaldson Cup
Outstanding Team Coach for the Year
Lester Te Ohaere Fox & Katie Stanton

Denys Hoare Cup
Outstanding Team Manager for the Year
Lucy Dewar & Cam Bailey

Craig Calder Cup
Team of the Year
Womens & Colts Pemier

Hardy Johnstone Cup
Top Goal Kicking for the Year
Lucy Jenkins

McCully Cup
Athlete for the Year
Jesse Bryant

Jim Gregg Cup
Administrator of the Year
Steve Bree

Tui Cup
Player of the Year
Sam Cottam

Chapman Cup
Outstanding JAB Administrator
Amber Field

Bryan Mustchin Trophy
Outstanding JAB Coach
Kain Parsons and Gary Ikin

Jock Hobbs Memorial Trophy
Sevens Player of the Year
Gerad Evans

David Burke Memorial Trophy
The Most Supportive Club Member or Friend to the Players.
​​​​​​​John Mill